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July 2006

Herzog & de Meuron Lectures in English

As MUNICH FOUND reported in June, the Haus der Kunst will host “Herzog & de Meuron: No. 250” until July 30. The exhibition features sketches, models, material samples, mockups and other remnants of the design process, artifacts that help the viewer understand what the architects must take into consideration—geology, local culture, city planning, etc.—when developing their projects. In the Allianz Kulturstiftung’s “Talks and Tours” feature, renowned architects, architectural critics, fine arts experts and other professionals will take readers on a tour of the exhibition, offering greater insight into the exhibits. Three English-speaking “tour guides” will be holding tours on:

July 3, at 7 pm: Stefano Boeri, architect and critic, is editor-in-chief of Domus magazine in Milan and active at Boeri Studio in that city. In 2000, he founded Multiplicity, an international think tank devoted to examining regional and urban development strategies.

July 6, at 8 pm: Bart Lootsma, architectural historian, critic and curator, teaches at, among other institutions, the ETH Studio in Basel, where both Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have also taught. He is the publisher of Archis magazine and a member of the scientific committee Archilab in Orléans.

July 20, at 8 pm: Kathy Halbreich, an expert in the fine arts, has been the director of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis since 1991. She worked closely with Herzog & de Meuron to design an addition to the museum completed in 2005.

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