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July 2006

Bavaria Handicraft at the Deutsches Museum

This multifaceted exhibition follows the handicraft industry from its humble beginnings in Germany’s new kingdom in 1806, to today’s competitive global arena. Until October 29, visitors will have the chance to see for themselves how things were made during those years, what influenced these processes—be it political, social or industrial change—and learn why German craftsmanship must be of the highest quality to compete on the world stage today. The exhibition “Bavaria’s Way to the Modern Day: Bavarian Handicraft, 1806–2006” is a multimedia extravaganza where the history of handicraft is told through photographs, audiovisual displays, computer files, interactive “stations,” a “pavilion of the future” and much more. In the courtyard of the museum, visitors can watch while craftsmen and women create various items—the schedule of “live exhibits,” ranging from bakers to tailors to musical instrument makers, is ever-changing until October. Tickets cost € 8.50 for adults and € 3 for students. For more information, visit (site also available in English).

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