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July 2006

Kaltenberg: The World's Largest Jousting Tournament

Polish your armor! It’s time for one of the largest medieval festivals in the world. The 26th annual Kaltenberg Jousting Tournament, held at Kaltenberg Castle, just 50 km west of Munich, brings the Middle Ages back to life with a medieval market, the famous Jousting Tournament and a host of other events. More than 120,000 visitors are expected over the course of the festivities, which run July 7–9, 14–16 and 21–23. On Jesters’ Night, July 20 from 6 pm to 2 am, visitors will be able to see their favorite jousters in a parade (8 pm) and a thrilling show featuring magicians, acrobats, fire-eaters, flame-throwers, music and an extravagant fireworks display, all beginning at 10 pm. Tickets for the Jesters’ Night are € 19 for admission or € 21 for admission and a seat in the arena. Because this night has become so popular, it is best to call immediately for tickets. Tournament tickets cost between € 16 and € 35 and can be purchased by calling (01805) 11 33 13 (English speakers available). For fabulous photographs and a plethora of information, visit (the site is also in English).

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