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July 2006

The Artistry of Cirque Eloize Graces Munich

Through July 16, the world-renown Canadian circus troupe Cirque Éloize, will be performing its latest show, “Nomade—At Night the Sky is Endless,” at the Deutsches Theater. A self-proclaimed “nighttime carnival filled with song, dance and acrobatics” and a “powerful exploration of the rituals of vagabond life,” “Nomade” features circus artists from all over the world performing “heart-stopping numbers on the bascule, the banquine and the Russian bar.” Sets made of exotic woods and fabric, coupled with fabulous lighting, create an atmosphere that draws the viewer into the scenes. Tickets for performances, which are held daily except on Mondays, cost between € 19 and € 49 and can be purchased by calling the Deutsches Theater ticket service at 552 34-444 or at the box office. Visit for more information on this extraordinary company of artists and their program.

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