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July 2006

Velo City 2007

Soon, Munich could call itself the “European capital of bicycling”—the city has been chosen to play host to the international conference for promoting cycling as a form of transportation, “Velo-city 2007.” This is just the impetus city hall politicians needed to implement better bike-related projects well in advance of the meeting, in an effort to promote the city’s bicycle-friendly reputation. Finally, the funds for the completion of the long-planned, 14-km-long bike ring around the inner city have been made available. Permission—which cyclists have been seeking for some time now—to use more one-way streets in Munich is also to be granted soon. (Until now, bikers have been authorized to use only around 100 one-way city streets, a relatively low figure compared to those of other cities in Germany.) Soon, bossy motorists will no longer have the right to rant and bicycle riding will make a beeline to greater popularity.

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