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July 2006

Audio Tour of Munich

You’d like to learn more about the sights of Munich, but you don’t want to join a guided tour—it’s far too limiting. You’d like to go at your own pace: stop for coffee and cake, perhaps linger at Marienplatz and spend less time at Frauenkirche, with which you are already familiar. Maybe you’d like to spread your tour over several weekends. AudioTravel, the brainchild of local American expat, Dina Hagl, makes that possible. Simply visit, where you can purchase a professionally-researched and recorded CD tour of the Bavarian capital, in German or English. Either bring along a CD player, or put the tracks on your MP3 player, consult the accompanying booklet—which contains tips, directions and the perfect “Viewpoint” from which to listen to each track—and listen to fascinating information and folklore about some of the most famous (and not-so-famous) spots in the city. Each nicely-narrated CD (with interesting use of music and sound effects), including the booklet, costs € 19. Coming soon: Cologne. In development: Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

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