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December 1999

What about BOB?

In the September issue of Munich Found we touted the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) as the desirable vehicle with which to travel to Oberbayern. We did, however, allude to some “kinks” that had to be worked out with the fancy new train. It seems those glitsches have now become serious trouble. All BOBs have been recalled and sent back to the manufacturer for reconstruction. The overhaul is expected to require at least one year’s time, during which retired trains from the Deutsche Bundesbahn will take over the futuristic transporter’s route. As these locomotives are not modern enough to handle hourly connections to Oberbayern, a new, less rigorous schedule will be developed for BOB’s antiquated cousin, and put into effect as of November 28. New timetables will be issued in the coming weeks. <<<

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