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December 1999

Hull of fame

Though the endless hype surrounding director James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film Titanic may have become bothersome, those interested in the 1912 tragedy will appreciate what the movie did for the dredging up of the historical event. Expedition Titanic — The Exhibition, a traveling multimedia show that has been touring Europe since Kate and Leonardo hit the golden screen, is docked in Munich until April 15. In 14 rooms at the Alte Messegelände, various cabins of the ill-fated luxury liner have been recreated — including an underwater simulation of bottles found in the Titanic’s posh “Champagne Room.” Three hundred artifacts recovered from the wreck are on display, offering visitors the chance to view items ranging from silver and glassware to a tattered bowler hat and ornate binoculars. A sight and sound collage takes the visitor 3,800 meters deep into the sea for a look at French oceanographic institute IFREMER’s (Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer) study of the passenger ship’s final resting place. The exhibition also dispels common myths regarding the sinking — fables Hollywood helped create. Expedition Titanic: Alte Messegelände, Hall 23, Dorr 14. Open weekdays 10-18, Sunday and holidays 9-19. Tickets: available at all Munich ticket outlets, DM 30, children and students DM 22.50. Package prices offered. <<<

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