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December 1999

Century 21

Millennium — probably the most often misspelled word of 1999. It’s almost here, are you ready? Most of us can remember, as children, calculating how old we would be in the year 2000 and not believing that we would ever actually reach that age. It all seemed so futuristic and far away. I recall sitting in the dark, candlelit bathroom of my best friend’s house at age 10 as we summoned the spirits from the other side to tell us how we would be living our lives in that almost legendary year. Unfortunately, the hysterical messages that those otherworldly beings “dictated” to us have long since disappeared, so I can’t tell you if any of the prophecies came true. Not to worry — I don’t think any phenomenal data was lost. But wait: is the new millennium about to begin or do we have to wait until 2001? This kind of debate is nothing new. In 1899, the editor of the New York Times was sent just as many letters about the date on which the 19th century was really to end as his present-day successor received concerning the millennium. Whatever the scientifically correct answer to such disputes, one thing is for sure: the world is going to be celebrating this year. Munich is certainly no exception. Do you have the perfect New Year’s Eve plans to ring in 2000? If they include staying close to home, turn to our millennium page: from dinner theater to hotel parties to the blow out at Kunstpark Ost, we have compiled details about what is going on in our fair city. In our Travel section this month, Lucy Hallman Russell explores the Renaissance flair of Innsbruck. Not just for winter sports enthusiasts, the city boasts a rich cultural history with many fascinating sites. In News and Views, we highlight an exhibition that promises to put you in the mood for winter. Schneekunst (snow art) will take place at three downtown locations. Tired of chain letters and junk mail inundating your email box? We give you the lowdown on all those messages you’ve been sent promising trips to Disneyland or loads of cash just for forwarding them to everyone in your address book. As I celebrate the New Year with family and friends, I will be thinking about the past year. 1999 has been exciting for us here at Munich Found as we have thoroughly enjoyed creating a magazine we hope conveys our passion for Munich and all it offers. I appreciate all the feedback we have received from our readers and encourage them to keep writing and emailing. That way we can provide a magazine that even more people look forward to reading. Happy holidays! <<<

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