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June 2008

Greenfarm Festival

Irish and Bavarian culture have two things in common—good beer and Catholicism. The 2008 Greenfarm Festival celebrates a cultural phenomenon that may spring from the latter, but is more enjoyable with the former: folk music. On the estate of the Hauslerhof at Hallbergmoos, Irish musicians and dance groups on five stages will entertain visitors from June 20 through June 22. An Irish market will offer everything Éire and a Highland games competition will heighten the festival excitement while celebrating the residents of another Emerald Isle. More diversion at the verdant environs of the Greenfarm Festival will be offered by a nearby pond, a playground for children and—of course!—a beer tent. To get to the festival, take the S8 to Hallbergmoos and a free shuttle bus will take you to Hauslerhof. Tickets for the Irish event cost € 5 a day; € 10 are charged for a weekend pass. For more details on the festival, visit <<<

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