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March 1999

Radio Activity--US Stations live on the web

A great suggestion for those craving their American radio stations

Miss the “drive time” blather of your favorite radio DJs back home? Longing for the music format that isn’t to be found in Germany? One Web address can fill the void. A University of Arkansas student has compiled a list of more than 350 US radio stations categorized by music genre on his site at Radio stations from Hawaii to Maine, playing everything from classical to classic rock can be heard live with the click of a mouse. Most stations can be received if your computer is equipped with the simplest version of the Real Audio Player, but those marked with an asterisk require either the Windows Media Player or Real Audio’s new G2 player. The Windows player is available at no cost through the Microsoft site, while the sound-superior G2 can be downloaded from Real Audio. Don’t despair if you can’t find your favorite station. A larger - not necessarily better - radio source,, may have it listed. Listening to your station will make you feel like you are there, but remember to watch the clock. While our stateside friends can surf at no cost, in Munich local calls can add up.

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