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July 2000

It’s Not Too Late

Dance clubs open early

Munich has never had the reputation of being a city in which people dance and party until the wee hours of the morning. After years of fighting, often successfully, against a provincially early curfew, it turns out that late-night partying may not be the goal after all. Though staying out late is fine for weekends, weekday “celebrating” means having to face going to work the next morning. The problem: unless you prefer to have the dance floor all to yourself, it is basically impossible to go dancing anywhere before 23:00. But there is hope for those who need a good night’s sleep. The concept of “after work parties” is simple: move everything a few hours ahead, so that hard working day-shifters can start to party as soon as the offices close. Several event agencies and clubs have begun to implement this idea — with an enthusiastic response. Two clubs that attract large numbers of rhythm-hungry Feierabend clubbers on Thursdays starting at 18:30 are Nitro, Leopoldstr. 194, and Regency, Arnulfstr. 24. <<<

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