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July 2000

Shop Talk

Münchner Musikdose

The kitschy souvenir shops that are abundant in the area surrounding the Hofbräuhaus specialize in trapping tourists. There, unnecessary trinkets find their way into the suitcases of excited visitors eager to take home a touch of Europe. But, there is an alternative. Upon entering the Münchener Musikdose, located at Pfisterstrasse 8, you will see that this shop does not fall into the same category. Each of the unusual items on offer are lovingly and thoughtfully selected by Sigrid Stehle-Dörner, owner of this jewel of European mementos — reproduction pewter toys, popular nutcracker dolls, including limited edition examples, intricate cuckoo clocks and many other lovely items are found in this Aladdin’s cave of delights. As the name suggests the shop also offers an extensive range of music boxes. From small, round paper inlaid boxes, which are priced modestly at DM 37, to large, beautiful, mahogany inlaid boxes, which are worth every pfennig, at DM 8,000. At the Münchener Musikdose you will also find an extensive range of Erzgebürge wooden figures. The company that produces them, in existence for 85 years, chooses only the best shops in the area to sell their products. The figures are collectors’ items in Bavaria where it is common for a member of the family to buy an angel from the collection when a new child is born and then on each birthday thereafter until they have their own set to put on display at Christmas. Stehle-Dörner says these are her best customers, “The ones who recommend me to their friends and return year after year collecting angels for their children.” <<<

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