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July 2000

Woman’s Work

Rosemarie Trockel's exhibit

Works by Rosemarie Trockel, one of the leading figures in Germany’s contemporary art scene, are on display at a major exhibition at the Kunstbau through August 20. The leitmotifs running through Trockel’s art are traditionally “female” issues, which she addresses in ever new, often surprising, sometimes provocative ways. In this show, the artist explores what has traditionally been the “female sphere” — the kitchen — in a comprehensive selection of sculptures, videos and drawings. The broad, overriding theme brings together such diverse artworks as Trockel’s installations of rows of stove plates, photos documenting surreal scenes of domestic life and the video Egg Trying to Get Warm, in which an egg spins endlessly around itself on a hot stove. A film program accompanies the exhibition, showing famous kitchen scenes from such movies as The Godfather, The Gold Rush or Warhol’s Kitchen. Visit for more information. <<<

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