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July 2000


Facts on Munich

>>> Soon you will notice a new traffic sign installed at stop lights throughout the city: a green arrow will allow you to turn right although the traffic light is red. This green arrow will be installed at about 50 intersections this month to ensure a smoother flow of traffic. Beware, however. You must first stop to let pedestrians and bicycles cross before turning.

>>>Munich and its museums: September 2001 is the projected date for opening the new Pinakothek of modern art, the biggest museum building erected in the last century, though it is already obvious that it will not be large enough. Therefore, an addition is already in the planning and is expected to open in 2005.

>>>The Blomberg summer slide near Bad Tölz has been renovated and now offers the longest slide of its kind in the world, almost a mile long, through woods and meadows, with a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. Tel. (08041) 3726, open Mon.-Fri. 9-17, Sat. & Sun. 9-18. <<<

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