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May 2001

Work Space

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If you belong to the group of employees whose go-go is still being done in by pre-New-Economy conditions—enforced schedules, strict dress code and union-like regimentation—the freedom to telecommute via is probably for you. Smarterwork is an English-language project collaboration site with a major focus on Germany. At the site, clients of smarterwork post a project and receive bids from experts. Then, based on cost, reputation and a rating system developed by the network, an expert is chosen to do the work. The experts and projects are classified into twelve categories that range from software development to translations and freelance writing. After a client has assigned his job, a private online space is provided where both parties, the client and the expert, develop the project together. After the job has been completed to the client’s satisfaction, money from an escrow account—administered by Citibank— is released. Presently there are over 70,000 clients, but only 1,000 experts. Both applications for jobs and the registration of projects are free.

MUNICH FOUND tested the site’s efficiency: After a writing project was posted on the site, a bid was received within just 30 minutes. In addition to a cost bid, a combined figure of how many projects the bidder had completed for the site and an overall rating of the bidder’s work was displayed. It is still to be determined if the person who offered writing skills enjoys the pleasure of “dress down Fridays”.

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