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May 2001

Everything in Between

Sandwiches–Munich luncheonettes' bread and butter

Gabelsbergerstr. 77
Tel. (089) 52 05 56 235
Mon.–Fri. 10–22
Sat.&Sun. 11–22

Those familiar with this American “submarine” sandwich restaurant chain may ask: “Is it the same in Germany?” The answer: “Jein” (yes and no). The well-known grinder shop—tucked away on Gabelsbergerstrasse, behind the Gesundheitsamt on Dachauerstrasse—looks exactly like its stateside counterparts. The product, however, differs because the ingredients used in making the popular hoagies are purchased here. Every meat or cheese sandwich may be topped, at the customer’s request, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, pickles and black, pitted (!) olives. It is not, however, the vegetables that make the difference. The meat of the house turkey breast hero, for instance, is a pressed poultry concoction rather than the delicate white slices found in U.S. franchises. Instead of your choice of American, provolone or Swiss cheese, Germany’s version of the fast-food Dagwood is stuffed with particularly mild processed “cheez” triangles. A word to the wise: do not order the Chicken Fajita sandwich. Microwaved nuggets of tasteless boiled chicken—not a spice or sauce in sight—under a layer of tossed salad on a roll is an insult to the sub’s Mexican moniker. That having been said, if you love American Subway sandwiches, you will find varieties on the Gabelsbergerstrasse menu of which you will be equally fond. The staff here is very friendly and well trained in the art of fitting all that “stuff” into six-inch (DM 4.59–DM6.99) and foot-long (DM 8.59–DM 11.99) sandwiches. If you visit and follow the links to the Munich store’s Webcam, you can even watch a friend pick up your dinner.

Hohenzollernstr. 62
Tel. (089) 380 268 26
Hours: Mon.–Fri. 8–19; Sat. 9–16

Saint Witch’s personal atmosphere and bright interior sets the shop apart from all other sandwich competitors that are within meters of it along the Hohenzollernstrasse. An extensive menu, including meat, fish, vegetarian and sweet sandwiches (DM 4.40–DM 6.50), leaves no desire unfulfilled. You are also invited to “create a witch” yourself. Customers may also choose from a number of bread varieties: baguette, whole-grain bread, Turkish/Greek Pita or run-of-the-mill white bread. For an additional DM 1, walnut bread and olive bread can be stuffed with your favorite ingredients. If you are not in the Witch mood, oven potatoes with a selection of nine sauces (DM 4.90–DM 5.90), soups, grilled panini (DM 4.90–DM 6.50) and salads (DM 4.90–DM 6.90) are hearty alternatives. The house Waldorf salad (DM 5.90) is a delight: Saint Witch’s chef obviously knows the secret of putting together julienne apples, kohlrabi and the mayonnaise-yogurt sauce. All sandwiches are made fresh while you wait and even hot dishes prove that food can be served fast without pre-preparation. Dining at the shop is a rather odd experience, as no seating is provided and the small area in front of the counter leads to collisions between eaters and entering customers. It is probably the best to hide in front of the Imac, located in a corner, and enjoy not only your culinary choice of the day, but also free Internet access. Desserts here are, especially for Americans expats, irresistible: a selection of such imported sweets as traditional and chocolate Rice Krispie squares, Skittles and the newest M&M varieties (including peanut butter!) taste just like home.

Hohenzollernstr. 40b
Tel. (089) 34 84 89
Augustenstr. 72
Tel. (089) 523 412 67
Färbergraben 5 am City Parkhaus
Tel. (089) 26 62 13
Hours: Mon.–Fri. 8–20, Sat. 9–16

Upon entering the giant deli case-lined Sam’s on Hohenzollernstrasse, the view of a sprawling selection of sandwiches takes a moment to digest. This luncheonette offers fabulous sandwiches made with bagels, baguettes, burrito rolls, wraps and panini. Sam’s employees, most likely fueled by the espresso machine behind the counter, frantically serve hungry afternoon crowds. The panini eggplant and Feta or Quattro Formaggi (DM 5.20, DM 5.40) satiate snack-sized hunger. Tomato, spinach and white tortilla wraps (DM 3.50) are more filling. Appetizing “American” sandwiches include lox and cream cheese bagels (DM 4.80), avocado and bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked salmon with honey-mustard dressing or roast beef with green asparagus layered with lettuce, tomato and various spreads (DM 3.50–DM 3.90). Unfiltered fresh-pressed juices—orange, carrot, grapefruit, apple, wheat grass and especially a stunning, scarlet blend of mango, kiwi and pineapple—could pass as dessert (DM 3–DM 4.80). If you’d rather have the real thing, choose from almond-cherry, walnut-banana, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins (DM 2.60), fruit salad, chocolate mousse, Quark with mixed fruit (DM 3.50) or a generous portion of Tiramisu (DM 3.90). Sam’s offers a satisfying option each day for a midday meal, whether in the shop or brown bagged. Order forms can be faxed and the food picked up or delivered.

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