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November 2001

Get Outta Town

The train station in Grosshesselohe was once a stop on the Isar Valley train route that brought Münchner out to the countryside. Today, it is a charming microbrewery and restaurant. “Once upon a time, in the good old days, when the Isar Valley train belonged to good ol’ Munich…”—so goes the tale printed on Isar-Bräu’s menu. Rest assured that, while you discuss just what is meant by “good ol’ Munich,” a glass of fresh, home-brewed beer will stand before you on a wooden table. The restaurant’s bright, sunlit dining room, which features unusual clapboard walls, was formerly a ticket counter. Isar-Bräu’s list of offerings—cleverly dubbed the “train schedule”—reveals the brewery’s love of incorporating its renowned Schwarzbier (black beer) into entrées: Pork roast with potato dumplings, served in a rich sauce infused with the dark beer, is a highlight. For those who prefer the elixir “straight up,” the eatery taps unfiltered Schwarzbier from refrigerated kegs. Visitors can observe beer-making in action behind glass walls. Here, brewmasters bustle between mash and lauter “tuns” to fermentation tanks to copper kettles. Those who bicycle to the Gasthaus should plan on returning home by the nearby S-Bahn because, states the menu, “our Schwarzbier is so smooth that it is worthy of drinking to the point of inebriation.” Isar-Bräu, Kreuzeckstrasse 23, S7 Grosshesselohe, Tel. (089) 79 89 61. Open daily 11 am–midnight (kitchen until 10:30 pm).

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