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June 1999

General Consensus: Readers Respond

Our Editor responds to the reader survey.

The response to our reader survey has been tremendous. As we went to press, the surveys were still rolling in and we were gearing up for our raffle drawing on May 31 (all winners will be announced in the July/August double issue). We are taking your thoughtful comments and suggestions seriously and appreciate the great ideas you shared with us. We owe all the respondants a big thank you, as well as answers to some of your questions. Many of you asked about the new bar code on the magazine’s cover. The electronic age finally caught up with us, as Munich Found distributors now require the bar code for tracking purposes. There was a suggestion made that we move it to the back cover of the magazine, but this is not an option since the back cover is a valuable advertising space. The What’s Up events calendar is one of the most popular sections of our magazine. Several readers asked if we could print a calendar that covered the upcoming two months or at least a couple of weeks into the next month. It is difficult to get accurate program information from venues that far in advance. Often details come in after press time. However, all of that information goes into our online calendar, which is updated constantly and is accessible to everyone. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the magazine’s print calendar, check out the online version at The website is also a great tool for getting in touch with us. We answer email as quickly as possible and are always eager to hear from readers. Though we would like to fulfill every request, they didn’t all fit the Munich Found concept. Some readers wanted us to print articles in German and French as well as English. We won’t be producing a multilingual magazine, but will continue to listen and incorporate many of your wishes into Munich Found. In this month’s issue we are proud to profile an American who is new to Munich. Martha Schwartz, a well-known Boston landscape architect, has chosen Munich as the site of her firm’s European branch. Liz Vannah talked with her about upcoming projects and how the designer found her way to Munich. Following that theme, our feature introduces the art of landscape and garden architecture and takes us through Munich’s parks and gardens. We greatly appreciate the help of Judith Stilgenbauer, of the Munich Technical University, Weihenstephan for sharing her knowledge in this field with us. As summer begins, everyone will be out enjoying the gardens of Munich. We would like to imagine that some of our readers are stretched out on a blanket in the English Garden enjoying a copy of Munich Found.

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