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June 1999

The force is back

Star Wars opens in Munich

The force is back The trailers have been eliciting cheers from the crowd for months. Anticipation is building like the pitch of Vader’s march. Even though the German version of the newest Star Wars installment won’t be released until summer’s end, the management at Cinema is already preparing for throngs of die hard fans. Episode I: The Phantom Menace, opens in Germany on August 19, a full three months after the May 19 opening date in the U.S. Gung-ho American fans lined up more than two weeks before the premiere in order to secure coveted tickets. While the folks at Cinema aren’t anticipating groupies in Jedi knight costumes camping out in front of the theater, they are taking extra measures in case the excitement surrounding the film reaches American levels. Bernd Strack of Cinema, says the theater is preparing a box office exclusively for the sale of Star Wars tickets. Advance ticket sales for the film begin on June 2 at Cinema Nymphenburger Str. 31, 80335 Munich, Tel. 55 52 55.

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