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June 1999

Saddle Up

A new Exhibit about the Wild West

Saddle up Dust off your chaps and spurs, grab your 10-gallon hat and hunting rifle, round up your herd and mosey on down to the “Indianer und der Wilde Westen” exhibit. Beginning June 5 the Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum München (German Hunting and Fishing Museum) will open this display, chronicling the lives of cowboys, trappers, gold prospectors and Native Americans. While wandering through “the West,” visitors can learn about the frequent struggles between the settlers and the Native Americans. The exhibit displays bows and arrows from the Sioux Native American tribe, used to defend their territory, and pioneer’s double flint and hunting guns, needed to survive in new lands. A beaded leather dress from the Cheyenne tribe, headdresses worn by Chiefs and other articles of Native American clothing highlight the show. The rugged life led by outlaws is represented by 19th-century Hudson Bay whiskey bottles, wanted posters and poker cards. A large collection of photographs from the cowboy era rounds out the program. There is no need, though, for visitors to feel lost in the wild west. A fascinating 220-page catalog, in German and English, accompanies the exhibit. So, trot over to the exhibition between June 5 and January 9 at the Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum München, Neuhauser Str. 2. For more information, call (089) 22 05 22.

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