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June 1999

A cool weeb site that allows you to peek in other people's worlds via web cams. Now you can be a fly on the wall. At, the Internet’s definitive catalogue of live Web cam views, you can satisfy your voyeuristic side, by tapping into live pictures of your favorite scenes from all over the world. Most images are updated every 30 to 90 seconds. Categories include: traffic, weather, scenery, business, weird and bizarre, people pets and ”spycam.” Like to cook? Visit Don’s kitchen. Don has the camera aimed at his stove 24 hours a day. If he’s awake, he’s creating a gourmet delight; if he’s asleep, he trains the camera on an interesting still-life with food. Recipes, streaming video cooking instruction, and links to culinary magazines enhance Don’s site, voted into EarthCam’s top ten pantheon. Homesick? Earthcam provides shots of hundreds of cities. Those with an eye on the unexplained can get 30-second updates of the view of Loch Ness. Dozens of mischievous cam owners monitor their office’s antics — “come watch Brian and Dave work, drink coffee and eat M&Ms.” “Baguettecam” monitors bread buyers at a French bakery. The lists of sneak peeks available via EarthCam is endless. And while at first you may look down your nose at the ridiculous premises of most cam sites, you’ll soon find they’re addictive nonetheless.

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