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June 1999

June Bugs: Insect Exhibit a summer highlight

Children's fun in Munich in the month of June

Insect Invasion Ever feel guilty squashing an ant? Now there is a chance to see things from a bug’s perspective. At the Lokschuppen in Rosenheim, the exhibition “Insekten!” views bugs from their perspective. At the entrance, visitors shrink to insect size as they pass a mammoth shoe. Giant, robotic models (including a praying mantis, cricket and caterpillar, up to 90 times life-size) set the mood for bug one-on-one. With the assistance of the exhibition’s guide book, children can identify bug body parts and more. Junior entomologists may pursue their own pocket collections, but this exhibit offers the chance for intensive study; children can inspect insect specimens on computers or through microscopes, watch them in terrariums or listen to a recorded Charles Darwin lecture. Mon.-Fri. 9-18; Sat. & Sun. 10-18. Admission: DM 7 for children age 4-14, DM 12 for adults. A comprehensive guidebook is available for DM 15. Through September 12 at the Lokschuppen Rosenheim, Rathausstr. 24; tel. (08031) 30 01 46. At the Movies Recent releases of new children’s movies include treats for every age group: Kindergardeners will love Barbar, a long-standing cartoon favorite. Minimal violence and maximal morality. A feature-length version of the hectic Saturday-morning cartoon phenomenon that has swept the States, Rugrats The Movie is geared toward both grade-school and grownup fans. More appealing to pre-teens and teens is The Mighty, a touching yet action -packed story about two dissimilar kids (Kieran Culkins and Elden Henson) whose common role as outcasts leads them to band together à la King Arthur’s do-gooding knights. Sharon Stone plays the concerned mother, Meat Loaf stars as a wild motorcycle freak and “X-Files” star Gillian Anderson is the untidy housewife. It makes for a great family movie, treating themes such as maturation, friendship and loss all played with feeling, not pathos. Lights, Camera, Action From June 10-12, a Children’s Film Festival in the Pasinger Fabrik premieres short films, video clips, documentaries, mini dramas, music videos and special-effects flicks made by six- to 14-year-olds. Individuals, families, school classes, youth groups and workshops all compete for awards, with a special prize for the best detective or crime movie. At the Kinder and Jugendkulturwerkstatt Pasinger Fabrik, August-Exter-Str. 1 (adjoining Pasing S-Bahn station), tel. (089) 8 88 88 06; fax (089) 820 59 78. For further information, see Star Concert If your repertoire of children’s songs is limited to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” there’s help. The duo Sternschnuppe (falling star), Margit Saarhold and Werner Meier sing frolicsome music kids love and parents enjoy — even after the umpteenth playing. Genuinely clever texts, sometimes following a story line, are spiced with Bavarian dialect and sung to a variety of beats. To introduce their new CD, Ritterland, Sternschnuppe is performing on Saturday, June 26 at Circus Krone.

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