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June 1999

Henry's Manhattan Bar and Master's Home

Two Munich bars offer something different from the usual fare

Henry’s Manhattan Bar tel. 291 31 33 Maximilianstr. 10 (entrance Falkenturmstr.). How to get there: U&S Marienplatz Sun.-Thu. 18-3, Fri. & Sat. 18-4. Munich abouds with cocktail bars, but few drinks are mixed with as much panache as they are in this tiny place. The wait staff is incredibly friendly, quite likely to remember your face after just one visit, and maybe even your favorite drink order. The owner, Jürgen Reich, has a natural flair for mixing drinks that raises his concoctions to an art form. Many regulars call the bar by its nickname of “the Zombie bar.” Henry’s earned that moniker with its peerless Zombie — the best in Munich. A mix of several liquors, tangy and sweet juices with a dash of grenadine bursts in your mouth and glides down your throat. The first swallow unfailingly prompts an audible reaction of pleasure. It is almost impossible to order just one, but be warned — Zombies may taste innocuous, but they are intoxicating. What this cramped bar lacks in space, it makes up for in intimacy. More often than not, conversations include everyone seated at the bar, not just people who arrived together. Movie stills from every era, but especially the forties and fifties, adorn the walls, and a black and white interior gives the bar a slick, minimalist feeling. There is almost always a seat available, as the only time the bar gets really packed is just after the opera lets out. Henry’s is a favorite among performers and theater-goers alike. Henry’s is open late (4:00 on the weekends, 3:00 weekdays), but when the bartender announces last call, patrons disperse in much the same way that a private party begins to break up in the wee hours. Happy hour is from 18-22. Master’s Home tel. 22 99 09 Frauenstr. 11 How to get there: Tram 17/18 Reichenbachplatz Daily 19-3. Master’s Home has become something of a Munich institution — an idea that seemed trendy has survived the test of time. Once through the doors, just past the coat check stands a small candy stand where it is possible to load your pockets with sweets and pick-up lines — “Can I offer you a peppermint stick?” The bar, spread out over several rooms, is decorated like a 19th-century home. Just as in a private home, the bedroom, bathroom and living room are separate. Clientele sip cocktails while lounging on the living room sofa or huddled around the claw foot bathtub — as at a private party, people of like auras, gravitate to each other and specific rooms. The drinks list is pricey, but what keeps customers coming back are the unusual creations the bartenders here prepare, all of which are described in detail on the menu. Master’s Home is packed most nights of the week, and it becomes almost impossible to get a seat after 21:00 Thursday through Saturday. So, if you want to spend some time in theirparlor, get there early. As with any gracious host, Master’s Home also serves a fine selection of foods. Though somewhat pricey, the kitchen is open late serving traditional Italian fare in an English dining room setting.

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