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April 2003

Mean Feet

Did your heart go out to the ugly sisters when they tried to put on those stupidly dainty shoes, while Cinderella looked on, pretending to be demure and humble? If you belong to the funny foot club and spend every season searching frantically for tasteful footwear that will fit a very narrow, very wide or just plain strange foot, you will know the stress of trying to find an attractive and comfortable pair of shoes. Now help is at hand: selve, a new shoe shop with show rooms at Tal 22, will make an individual assessment of a customer’s foot shape using digital equipment. The shop offers a selection of beautiful, modern shoes from which the customer can choose a model, try on a sample in their size and then order the shoe in any one of a number of colors and materials. And, best of all, your personal information will be stored at selve so that you can go back any time to order new shoes. Prices begin at € 175. For more information go to or call (089) 24 23 18 00.

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