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November 2004

Address Book Secrets

Lisa Graef, owner of interiors stores abovo Home, Buttermelcherstrasse 2, and abovo Style, Rumfordstrasse 8.

Baader Café
This is a great breakfast joint, with all the classics—French toast, buttermilk pancakes and omelettes—that an American like me loves. Not to mention the Kinder cappuccino. And, what’s more, the prices are easy to digest too!
Baaderstrasse 47
Tel. (089) 201 06 38

Seven Fish Wine and Fish Bar
This opened in the summer and has a nice terrace with a lovely view of the Gärtnerplatztheater. It’s also very pleasant inside, with a modern but comfortable interior. As for the food, they do great luncheon sandwiches and dishes are always fresh, and presented just a little differently to how you’d expect. Definitely an all-weather winner.
Gärtnerplatz 6
Tel. (089) 23 00 02 19

Walter & Benjamin
I love to go here to meet friends for a glass of wine, as it’s a really warm and inviting place. There are always different wines available by the glass and the accompanying cheese plate is delicious. The adjoining shop stocks a great selection, and a bottle from here is our tried and tested gift whenever we’re invited to a friend’s house for dinner.
Walter & Benjamin
Rumfordstrasse 1
Tel. (089) 26 02 41 74

Cornelius Laden
This is a small clothes store, but the owner is a delightful woman with great taste. As well as friendly service, this place has some fabulous individual pieces, which you can put on without thinking that everyone else will be wearing the same thing.
Corneliusstrasse 29
Tel. (089) 201 45 16

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