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Thomas Ruff

February 17–May 20:
The Haus der Kunst will compile a comprehensive retrospective of one of Germany's most acclaimed photo artists.


Thomas Ruff belongs to the elite group of photographers, whose pictures have reached peak prices on the international art market. This is partly due to the fact that Ruff has constantly shifted the boundaries of his craft since his early beginnings. The show at the Haus der Kunst will trace Ruff's development from his student years at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts to his most recent efforts on capturing the topography of the planet Mars. While his subject matter may have changed over the decades from interiors and portraits to machines and nudes, one particular aspect has been consistent throughout all his artistic periods: just like his renowned photography tutor, Bernd Becher, Ruff always aims at a certain transparency in his images that reveals under which circumstances each and every picture was taken. For more information, visit

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