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Muffathalle Beer Garden

Although this place looks enough like a traditional beer garden, the food and drinks on offer are anything but typical. No one is going to deny you a Mass of Hofbräu, but you can also enjoy a chilled glass of white in a sexy, slim glass and some light, Mediterranean-style treats—it certainly makes a change from a greasy wedge of Leberkäs. Meat is all organic, and there’s a good selection of fish dishes, too. The look of the place is refreshing—it’s light, airy and modern. But what makes Muffathalle extra special, is the fact that there’s a direct link into the club and concert halls, where you’ll find a varied program of entertainment, ranging from indie to Indian. Perfect for anyone who gets in the mood for a boogie after a Mass or three.
Opening hours:
Mon.–Thurs., 3 pm–1 am; Fri.–Sat., 12 pm–1 am

Zellstr. 4
81667 Munich

How to get there:
S Rosenheimer Platz, Tram 18 Deutsches Museum

Phone: (089) 45 87 50 80

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