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Bavarese charmingly blends Bavarian lifestyle with Italian flavors. In a former Wirtshaus (tavern), deer antlers hang alongside 1950s postcards from Italy, and the menu is a tasteful mixture of the best of both regions. The Schweinsbraten Toskana (€ 8.70) is a savory presentation of roast pork with rosemary potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables. Fleischpflanzerl Bavarese (€ 7.80) spices the Bavarian classic with olives and fresh Mediterranean herbs, but a potato and cucumber salad side dish faithfully brings local flavor. Fried polenta with herbs in a red wine sauce is served with a Bavarian Haxe (veal’s leg) as Ossobuco alla Milanese (€ 14.80). The selection of pizza (€ 5.90–7.30) luckily does not venture any crazy experiments with sliced dumpling toppings or melted Obatzda and can certainly compete with Munich’s many genuine pizza places.
Opening hours:
Mon.–Fri., 11 am–12 pm; Sat., 2 pm–12 pm; Sun., 11 am–12 pm

Ehrengutstr. 15
80469 Munich

How to get there:
Bus 152 Ehrengutstr.

Phone: (089) 520 33 437

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