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Casa della Pizza

The pizzaiolo (pizza chef) of Casa della Pizza believes in a generous touch with ingredients. Those who favor a thick layer of cheese and well-spiced tomato sauce should visit this house of pizza. The menu offers a characteristic range: from Pizza Quattro Formaggi (four cheeses) to Pizza Regina (ham and mushrooms). More exotic combinations include Americana (corn, peppers and pepperoni) and Hawaii (ham and pineapple). If you live in Ludwigsvorstadt, Altstadt, Lehel or the Glockenbach district, Casa della Pizza will deliver. The service may take a little longer than most other delivery joints, but the pizza’s quality will make up for the waiting time.
Opening hours:
Opening hours:
Mon.–Fri., 11 am–12 am; Sat.–Sun., 11 am–12 am.
Delivery hours:
Mon.–Fri., 11 am–2:30 pm; 5 pm–11 pm;
Sat.–Sun., 5 pm–11 pm

Rumfordstr. 2
80469 Munich

How to get there:
Tram 17/18 Reichenbachstr.

Phone: (089) 23 07 73 90

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