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October 1999

Iggy Pop

52 year-old punk rock legend, Iggy Pop is more popular than ever and continues to crank out the hits.

Iggy Pop Avenue B Long after the interviewer finishes conversing with punk legend Iggy Pop, the 52-year-old musician continues to chuckle somewhat maniacally. It’s no wonder really. After all, the Detroit-born eccentric, (real name: James Osterberg) has a lot to smile about. His latest CD, Avenue B, a mix of spoken ballads and retro punk numbers, is going over well with his fans. Has he ever stopped to think he may just be too old for the youth-oriented music biz? “I actually do have those thoughts as the years go by,” answers Pop, “But the fact is, I just keep getting more popular. And because until a few years ago I never enjoyed the luxury of success — I lived in holes or had no home at all — I have no intention of retiring. You heard it, pal, I want to be a superstar! Because I’ve earned it. There are so many idiots in this business who haul in millions. It’s only fair that little Iggy gets his piece of the pie.” Though his latest work is a fairly simple one, Pop still insisted the production be rigidly controlled. Why the self-discipline? “Because this way of working keeps my chaotic past at bay. I’ve been clean of drugs for 15 years now, but I remain a junkie. I have everything under control when my life has order. That’s just the way it is for us rock ’n’ rollers.”

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