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October 1999

Mr. Potato Head

The Kartoffelmuseum offers a unique look at potatoes.

Mr. potato head Whether french-fried, mashed, baked or au gratin, most of the world’s population loves spuds. There is no better way, perhaps, to honor the “earth apple” than a visit to Munich’s Kartoffelmuseum. Founded in 1996 by former Pfanni (German potato product manufacturer) CEO and tater enthusiast Otto Eckart, the potato museum boasts an extensive collection of items pertaining to the adored carbohydrate source. From posters promoting the nutritional value of potatoes and limited-edition bags of chips to jewelry and a telephone in the Idaho form of the vitamin B-rich vegetable, the museum offers a unique look at the starchy staple. Promotional literature for this cabinet of curiosities touts the exhibition as “the only display of art, pop art and historical documents hailing the potato,” while admitting the idea is not a new one — there are several spud devotees worldwide, but none present the tuber like Eckart’s angle. The Kartoffelmuseum is located at Grafingerstrasse 2, and is open Tues. to Thurs. by appointment, Friday 9-18, Sat. 11-17. <<< lv

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