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October 1999

Fashioned Page

Wired Digital's Web Monkey offers practical, free advice on Web page prodction and design.

Fashioned page According to a study done in July 1998, there are more than 300 million online Web pages, with an estimated 1.5 million new pages are added daily. So where’s your page? Nowadays, having a personal Web page is less a hobby than a social requirement. What else enables you to share with a world of strangers your resumé, your vacation pictures from Tijuana and your firm conviction that your boss has mad cow disease? The fact is, if you don’t have a Web page, you are virtually homeless. But, never fear. Help is on the way. For good, straightforward advice on Web page production, click your way to Web Monkey ( — a division of Wired Digital, publishers of Wired Magazine — which offers a series of guides to Web page publishing and style, Wired News and a multiplicity of related sites. Naturally the Web Monkey site itself is the picture of good web design. It has a simple, high-contrast color scheme, loads very quickly and is easy to navigate. The site provides information on everything from PhotoShop technique’s to HTML basics to installing Linux. Those who are not familiar with the technology will find Web Monkey extremely informal and geared to beginners. More advanced programmers may, therefore, find Web Monkey’s content somewhat elementary. Still, the site’s straightforward, expert advice can serve as a great primer for learning new software or adding more sophisticated features. As an added bonus, the site also offers an impressive selection of “monkey-tested and approved” music, books and software. <<< gw

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