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October 1999

Marbella Tapas Bar

Marbella Tapas Bar serves Spanish cuisine.

Marbella Tapas Bar Horemansstrasse 30 Tel: (089) 12 77 97 53 Hours: Daily 12:30-14 and 18-1 The recently opened Marbella Tapas Bar in Neuhausen should expect a lot of regulars for a number of reasons. When a restaurant gives you that sun-kissed, mellow vacation feeling, then it is likely you’ll be going back for more. The small tapa bar evokes the ambiance of a Spanish trattoria with dark wood furniture and white walls with sea green and blue stained glass murals. You can almost smell the surf coming through the large open windows on a breezy Munich evening. The selection of 12 to 15 tapas is set up along a bar near the entrance. The staff is readily available to explain each inviting dish as you jot down the tapas you desire by number and give the list to the server. The quality of the tapas served at Marbella is consistently high. The cold shrimp and cucumber salad is perfect for cooling the palate after savoring somewhat spicier tidbits, as the vinaigrette is delicate, not overly acetic. Small pork kabobs are grilled and coated generously with chili powder — not saucy, just delicious. Whether fans of octopus order it as a cold salad or a hot, savory dish, they can’t go wrong here — the meat is wonderfully tender. Red tomato-based sauces generally taste the same in most restaurants. Not so at Marbella. The octopus in tomato sauce has an almost earthy flavor with lime undertones, giving it a very fresh, not pungent, seafood taste. Yet, when the sauce is served as an accompaniment to long-stewed beef, the green pepper and onion flavor flourishes. You’ll need plenty of bread to clean up your plate. The service at Marbella is delightful. On warm evenings, the seating areas, both inside and out, can become quite full. While waitresses scurry about to get drinks and tapas out to customers quickly, the manager personally attends to his guests. Charming staff, delectable tapas and a rejuvenating ambiance — this small locale is bound to become a neighborhood favorite. Food 9, Service 10, Atmosphere 8. <<<

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