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June 2000

The Dating Game

Marching into May?

Many fine words start with the letters “ma.” Among them are malady, malfunction, malpractice and matter-of-fact. Perhaps some of you noticed the confusion surrounding last month’s “ma” word. Our cover sports a large white “5” to indicate May, followed by the tiny characters: “M-a-r-c-h.” I’m sure I needn’t go into excuse mode, proffering the pretexts of tight deadlines and human error. We could try to save face by passing off some lame story about a belated April Fool’s joke, or blame a psychological study we are conducting on the powers of observation. The point is, I changed “4” to “5” and “April” to “March.” When proofreading, none of us caught the embarrasing error, and we hope you didn’t either.

This month’s Munich Found, its cover bearing the correct time of year, continues to celebrate this spring’s summer-like weather. Denise Hough discusses a handful of the area’s most pleasant picnic spots, where to find practical, stylish baskets and what goodies to pack into them for an alfresco feed.

In the Arts department, Kay Turtle uncovers yet another of Bavaria’s most unusual exhibitions — Lindenberg’s hat museum. The aforementioned town cornered the market on trendy straw Hute for more than 300 years, until the 1980s when the last remaining factory closed its doors. Jane Milosch her eye for art outdoors, provides fascinating information on some of Munich’s most famous public sculptures, such as Leopoldstrasse’s gigantic Walking Man.

Though we, as a rule, review two novels per month, we thought it time to give expat bookworms the lowdown on current bestselling author Harry Potter. Claudia Hellmann shares the hype surrounding the vivacious Scotswoman.

In his column, Red Tape, Ian McMaster describes his frustrating experiences with Deutsche Telekom. In an effort to reduce calling costs, he subscribed to a new service offered by Germany’s largest telecommunications company — with very disappointing results. Still awaiting the arrival of bilingual crossword puzzles, we have once again included a word search on our new Pencil Me In page. This month’s topic: home improvement tools.

June’s travel destination is Allgäu. Courtenay Smith takes a look at tourism in the region, giving numerous helpful tips on what to see and where to go.

On the heels of May’s “I Love You” virus scare, I find it appropriate to deliver my opinion on email jokes in the Last Word. My view of sending this useless material to friends and family en masse is a fairly venomous one — I hope my circle of loved ones will understand my stance.

Munich Found’s Managing Editor, Lisa McAlister, left for vacation before the March, um, May magazine returned from the printer. In a short email, I encouraged her to relax and wipe MF from her thoughts. “Everything is running smoothly,” I wrote. “Articles and photographs are coming in on schedule, our computers lived through the evil virus and, by the way, theMayissuesaysMarchonit.” I couldn’t resist telling her, as I can’t resist confessing my sin to you. The letters “ma” begin other very important words as well — magazine, mass media and MARRIED. Congratulations Lisa!

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