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June 2000

Architecture online

Architecture online

One great advantage of living in Europe is the daily treat of viewing an abundance of wonderful architecture. When planning trips, visits to famous structures are hard to avoid. For instance, when you hear the name Pisa, what do you think of? Sydney? Athens? Though most of us are not able to travel the world over, well-known buildings can be viewed and learned about at From cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, Colorado, to our very own Olympic Games Tent in Munich, 1,000 structures worldwide are easily accessible in this online multimedia archive. Architecture and architects throughout history, photos, architectural drawings and 3-D models are displayed and discussed. Biographies of leading architects and descriptions and specifications of structures are easy to find in the index, which is arranged according to country and city. View the flying buttresses of Notre Dame Cathedral or discover the materials used to build Hagia Sophia. Whether you are interested in individual masterpieces, or architecture in general, this is a site to see.

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