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June 2000


Facts on Munich

>>> Munich is the German Internet capital. According to Focus magazine, the high number of private and business users in the Isar city contributes to the number one rating.

>>> The city of Munich’s gardeners are at work replacing diseased trees with new ones. Some 3,300 new trees were planted around the city as of early May.

>>> Opponents of Oktoberfest’s 60-Pfennig charge to use women’s rest rooms are making headway. Calling for Munich’s top breweries to absorb the cost of ladies’ WC upkeep (men’s facilities are gratis), local politicians hope to make pit stops free for all.

>>> After a four-year break, Munich’s city marathon will be held again, on October 15. Now dubbed the “Media Marathon,” the endurance test will follow a new course, yet to be announced.

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