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June 2000

Magic Weeks in Munich

Magic Weeks in Munich

Magic is coming to Munich in June. The annual Zauberwochen (Magic Weeks) are under the banner of the world championships in the art of magic, for which some 2,000 magicians will gather for a friendly competition in Lisbon in July. Some of the best German magicians will meet in Munich from June 5 to 17 as a dress rehearsal for the big event, so be prepared to see breathtaking conjuring acts. The program includes a three-hour magic marathon (June 5) and awe-inspiring tricks by the winners of the last German championships (June 6–10). This year’s star guest is Gary Kurtz from Montreal, one of Canada’s most celebrated magicians. In his program “Para Vox” (in English), he will go beyond the classic art of magic, turning back the wheel of time and bending metal without touching it. The Zauberwochen are held at the Unterton Theater, Kurfürstenstr. 8. For tickets call 33 39 33, send a fax to 34 23 02 or an email to For more information visit or

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