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June 2000

Bruce Willis in Munich

Bruce Willis promotes his new film The Whole Nine Yards

On Saturday, April 15, Bruce Willis was in Munich to promote his latest movie, The Whole Nine Yards. Willis spoke at a press conference held in Planet Hollywood, of which he is part owner. Though the interview was conducted in English, the German-born actor shared a bit of his knowledge of the German language. When the suave star was asked how much money he earns, he appeared a bit put off, stating that he was raised not to talk about money matters. As this line of questioning continued, he deflected again, but was immediately confronted by yet another touchy subject, that of his ex-wife, Demi Moore. When Willis was asked what he thought about the fact that his character, a notorious hitman Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski, would rather kill his wife than divorce her, the action-film hero executed another smooth question evasion. Munich Found reporter, and die hard fan, Denise Hough, asked the former Moonlighting-lead what makes him laugh. Unfortunately, his answer came in the form of film promotion — “The Whole Nine Yards is the funniest thing I’ve seen.” Willis concluded the interview by making sport of one German journalist from Baden-Baden, questioning the redundancy of the town’s name: “Why don’t they just call it Baden?”

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