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June 2000

Horoscope Websites

Horoscopes online

Wondering what the present and the future holds for you? Get daily horoscopes free online. Before beginning the daily grind, sneak a peak at Jonathan Cainer’s excellent A Web site full of insight, it is at times shocking how accurate the British astrologer’s zodiac forecasts are. Discovering your compatibility with friends and the Astro Love Calendar can be fun, and, for some, a real time saver. Another interesting cyber-predictor is, which can be viewed in German, English, French or Dutch. Easyscopes offers free daily horoscopes, advice on matters of the heart and a chat room. Under each sign appears a reading, which draws on a long list of horoscopes published by independent astrologers, newspapers and large online companies. Though many astrology sites charge for readings, these two delve into your soul, not your pocketbook.

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