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July 2003

Rescue Remedy

“I’m soooo bored.” Yes, it’s the phrase all parents dread hearing, but, during the school holidays and especially in the present economic climate when many of us cannot afford long vacations abroad, it will surely be heard all over the city during July and August. Unless, that is, you read on, and find out about all the wonderful events on offer for children this summer here in Munich. Frustrated parents should begin by logging on to the Website and looking at their program. Stadtwiesel is a new organization, founded by the City of Munich, which lists every kind of activity on offer for children in and around the city. Though all the information is in German, many of the events are suitable for children who have only a limited grasp of the language. If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can call the Kinderinformationstelefon (Tel. [089] 18 33 33) and get the listings for the next two to three days.

English Summer Day Camps organized by Judith Goldblat is a series of week-long camps for children, who either speak or wish to learn English. In all, six camps will be held between July and September. The price per child is approx. € 175. This may sound expensive but it includes a variety of activities and a week’s worth of childcare by native English-speakers. For more details call [08091] 561185.

If you are looking for creative courses in papier-mâché and painting, Erna Valentini runs workshops for children all year round and organizes courses for groups of approx. six children over the summer if there is sufficient demand. Call (089) 15 98 21 98 to ask for information.

Finally, if you wish to send your little darlings away for a few days, the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) is offering a child-minding service for kids traveling alone, called “Kids on Tour, Alleinreisende Kinder.” This pilot project, launched last month, is available for children between the ages of 6 and 12 and covers train rides between a number of German cities. Youngsters are accompanied by qualified personnel and prices begin at € 25. To get more information call (01805) 99 22 99.

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